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Updated: July 2008
Trade Name Anoxic-Anaerobic-Anoxic Membrane Bio-Reactor (3AMBR)
Typical Flow Diagram
Features The 3AMBR technology combines Membrane Bioreactor with the nitrogen and phosphorous nutrient removal processes. It is able to produces high quality effluent.
Sense Index Field of Application Wastewater treatment
Municiapal Wastewater Treatment Physicochemical Treatment
Classification of Technological System  
Classification of Unit Technology Membrane filtration;
Reference Company Name Beijing Origin Water Technology Co. Ltd
Address 海淀区厂西门2号吉友大厦2层(四环四海桥与四季青桥之间过街天桥东面)
URL http://www.originwater.com/
Tel +86-10-51660883
Fax +86-10-88434847
E-mail bishuiyuan@originwater.com

1. Features

1) Compact design and small footprint for system
2) High quality effluent quality, suitable to be used as feed water for NF or RO
3) High removal efficiency for COD, SS, nitrogen, phosphorous
4) Robust performance, able to take shock loadings

2. Performance

1) Effluent quality: COD < 30mg/l, BOD < 5mg/l, Amomnia nitrogen < 2mg/l, TP < 0.5mg/l, TN < 15mg/l, SS ~ 0
2) Energy consumption: 0.6~0.8 kwh/m3

3. Application

- Industrial wastewater treatment and reuse
- Municipal wastewater treatment and reuse

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